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The best part? Studio Culture’s Google PPC Management service features no minimum spend. So you can start off small. And double down when it works. 

There’s no one size fits all approach. Studio Culture continually refines your campaign to ensure a better return on investment. The result? An increase in traffic, clicks and conversions on your website. 

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We’ve all faced tough times recently, so we want to do our bit to support fellow small businesses. We’re offering tailored marketing kits with recommendations you can implement straight away, on the house!

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There’s a reason why consumers say Google Ads influence their purchase decisions. And that's because your solution to their problem is in the right place. At exactly the right time.

“Many thanks to the team at Studio Culture – they have helped us to mould an SEO and Google Ads strategy that we’re comfortable with and gets results. The whole team is easy to communicate with day-to-day and quick to respond to any queries from our end. Highly recommended.”
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How will a Marketing starter kit help you?

Get Expert Advice

From a marketing mentor. We can advise you what works, and what doesn't. 

To prepare you for the future. We'll recommend the right digital channels for your goals.

A clear marketing strategy, planned by Studio Culture, will help you fulfil your marketing goals and make sure you’re only spending your money on a campaign that’ll deliver.

Your roadmap towards success. We’ll plan your next steps to set you in the right direction.

An Action Plan


Want to do your own marketing plan? Here is our checklist!

SEO & Google Ads

Digital Direction

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Out of all the research we do, almost all of the time, the reason that digital marketing isn’t working is that it lacks direction. Use our knowledge to your advantage! We can map out a clear and actionable plan for you to see your desired results.

Website Design & Development

eCommerce Insights & Marketing

Content Creation

No matter the industry or size of your business, every great digital marketing plan follows a few key steps. If you can check-off each item, you’re on the right track to a well-informed and purposeful strategy.

Have Specific Goals

Do you have clear and measurable goals for digital marketing? Setting goals is an essential starting point, as it will determine the messaging and platforms most suited to achieve results.

Our tip: start with a broad goal and then narrow this down to two or three primary objectives per campaign. 

Does all of your content consistently reinforce the same message? A customer needs to be reminded of what you can do for them every step of the way. 

Our tip: Some audiences relate to storytelling, some relate to facts. Focus on your core message by selecting a few keywords and phrases to repeat. 

Be Consistent With Content

Understand Your Audience 

Are you targeting a demographic that is likely to buy your products or use your services? Are you using the correct messaging to appeal to this audience?

Our tip: Using past data to examine your existing customer base is a great way to see what worked and tailor future marketing. 

Consider All Platforms

Are your current digital methods working? Do they work together? The platform(s) you use should be chosen because they will help to reach your goals. 

Our tip: get to know your audience and the platforms they use most, this will help you choose the platform that’s most likely to convert. 

What does a MARKETING STARTer KIT include?

Our marketing starter kit is a tailored plan that helps you achieve one or more of your business goals. This considers what your competitors are doing and the best method of achieving your campaign goals.

Research & Analysis

We analyse your business and undergo competitor research to deliver cutting edge campaign ideas. We will give you one great example of a competitor campaign and include tips on what we like about it, why it converts, and how you can create something even better.

A marketing campaign is defined as a series of operations designed to bring about a specific result. Goals need to be SMART goals, which classify as “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely”. Setting these distinct targets will help keep you accountable.

Setting Goals

Content & Messaging

Your campaign message will differ whether your target audience is in the Awareness, Consideration, or Decision stage. Learning which stage of the purchase process your specific audience is in, as well as their interest and pain points, helps craft a more effective message.


SEO, Google Ads, Website, Social Media, Email. Based on your goals and our research, we will suggest creative marketing ideas, messages, and the best avenues to reach your customers so you can achieve campaign goals and grow your business through digital.


marketing starter kit

Packages built for you


One great digital marketing example from a direct competitor 

What you'll receive

One SMART goal for your next digital campaign 

One key message you can incorporate

All we’ll need from you is a discussion around your goals and your current business strategy, and our team will get to work to deliver to you:

One recommendation of a creative campaign specific to your business